Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities to apply. UNICEF is a non-smoking environment.


21 July 2014 - Preschool furniture

-Invitation to bid: ITB 03-2014 Preschool furniture - newspaper
-Invitation to bid: ITB -03 Preschool furniture
-Technical Specification: Technical Specification Furniture Preschool

14 July 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN 20&21-2014 consultants

-Terms of Reference: ToR Organisational support (Justice and Social Welfare)

-Terms of Reference: ToR Technical assistance (Justice for Children)


11 July 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN 14-19 Consultant to the Ministry of Youth and Sports

09 July 2014 - Micro Assessment and Spot Check

-Request for proposal: RFP 06-2014 Micro Assessment and Spot Check

09 July 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-18 MoESTD School Recovery Consultant

03 July 2014 - Purchase of school furniture

-Invitation to bid: ITB-02 School furniture

24 June 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-17 Capacity Building of the National Education Council in the area of drop-out prevention and intervention

24 June 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-16 Preparation of the Cost Analysis of Student Drop-out

20 June 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-15 Education Sector Project Coordinator

10 June 2014

-INVITATION TO BID: ITB -01 Hygiene supplies

05 May 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-14 Warehouse and Logistics Coordinator 

05 May 2014

-Vacancy notice (re-advertisement): VN-13 Consultant for Partnership Assessment

24 April 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-13 Consultant for Partnership Assessment

24 April 2014

-Request for proposal: RFP 05-2014 Consultancy for social media community services

17 April 2014 

-Request for proposal: RFP 04-2014 Research on family care practices and risk and protective factors affecting early childhood care and development

09 April 2014 

-Vacancy notice: VN-12 Consultant for preparation of a Summary Report on the Situation Analysis of Children in Serbia

08 April 2014 

-Vacancy notice: VN-11 Consultant to support work of the Commissioner for protection of equality

02 April 2014 

-Vacancy notice: VN-10 Consultant to support work of the Ombudsman

28 March 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-08 UNDAF National Consultant

27 March 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-09 Consultant for Secretarial and Archiving Support

14 March 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-07 Consultant for National Campaign

28 February 2014

 -Vacancy notice: VN-06 Consultant to support work of the National Education Council

24 February 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-04 Support to communication activities

20 February 2014

-Request for Proposal: RfP 3-2014 Support UNICEF Serbia in sales and resource mobilization activities  

14 February 2014

-Request for Proposal for providing Video Services: Request for Proposal RfP 2-2014 Video services

-Vacancy notice: VN-03 Graphic Designer or Graphic Design Agency

13 February 2014

-Vacancy notice: VN-01 International Consultant Writer - Editor 

-Vacancy notice: VN-02 Consultant Journalist and Videographer

29 January 2014

-Request for Proposal On-call Drivers and Transportation Services: Request for Proposal RfP 1-2014 On-call drivers and transportation services
-Technical evaluation form: RFP 1-2014 Technical evaluation form
-Price proposal form: RFP 1-2014 Price proposal form

29 October 2013

-Vacancy notice: Consultant for Social Inclusion of Children and Adolescents

04 October 2013

-Request for Proposal: RfP 10-2013 Final Evaluation of the Project


20 September 2013

-Vacancy notice: VN 08-2013 Fundraising Consultant


17 September 2013 - Production of Direct Response TV Spots

-Request for Proposal: RfP 09-2013 TVC


05 September 2013 - Media award

-Request for Proposal: RfP 08-2013 Media award


05 September 2013 - Central heating

-Invitation to bid: ITB-02 Central heating, Project plan


27 Avgust 2013 - A Procurement of vehicles

 -Invitation to bid: ITB-01-A


23 August 2013 - Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) Consultant

-Vacancy notice: VN-07 MICS


06 August 2013 - Knowledge management and documentation assistant

-Vacancy notice: VN 06-2013 Knowledge management and documentation Assistant - Education section

-Terms of Reference: ToR Knowledge management and documentation assistant


31 July 2013

-Invitation to bid: ITB -01 Procurement of vehicles


26 July 2013

-Request for Proposal: RFP raising awareness campaign for supporting families with young children


11 July 2013

-Request for Proposal: RFP 010-13 Measuring effects of preschool education and care on children’s development


10 July 2013

-VACANCY NOTICE: VN 06-2013 Documenting family life-satisfaction

-Request for Proposal: RFP 06-2013 Documenting family life-satisfaction and happiness correlations among families with young children


31 May 2013

-VACANCY NOTICE: VN 05-2013 Parenting Consultant 


07 May 2013

-Final Evaluation of the Project Developing Community based Services for Children with Disabilities & their Families

-ToR Project Evaluation (RFP 04-2013) and Annex Theory of Change


15 March 2013

-VACANCY NOTICE:VN/OPS/BEL/2013-03 - MTR Review Consultant


20 February 2013

-VACANCY NOTICE:VN: PFP/BEL/2013-02 - Digital Media Consultant


30 January 2013

-VACANCY NOTICE:VN: OPS/BEL/2013-02 - Graphic Design Services

The Proposals MUST be submitted latest on 11 February 2013


23 January 2013



20 November 2012

-VACANCY NOTICE:VN: OPS/BEL/2012-12 POLICY IMPACT ANALYSIS – providing additional support to students from vulnerable groups in pre-university education

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